Welcome to the Survey on Divorce and Handparting for Wiccans and neopagans Survey

If you are a Wiccan or other neopagan who has experienced divorce and it has been more than one year since a divorce, please participate in this survey. The information will be used to collect data for a book on Handparting rituals and Wicca tentatively titled Divorcing a Real Witch.

This is a long survey. You may stop it and come back to it at any time until the date of the survey close. We do track your IP address to allow this.

You may also skip questions you find irrelevant or too triggering.

If you live in the greater Minneapolis/Saint Paul area and are willing to interview on camera, please indicate so on the survey.

As of 09/08/2011, this survey is still going. The book is in proposal stages with a publisher, but is not yet complete. Anyone willing to interview on camera, please make a note of it. I can do distance interviews via Skype.

This is an intensive survey designed to grasp the full range of experience for Wiccans and fellow neopagans who experience divorce. The survey runs 15 pages and the questions become continuously more intensive. This survey may take up to one hour, sometimes more, depending on what you wish to share. If you do not wish to share something, simply skip that question.

Data and information may be quoted from this poll in a book or documentary. While answers may be quoted, it has been determined not to give names or affiliations that lead to identification.

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